Before we begin to talk about the differences between two particular forms of profession, we would like to look into its similarities. Creativity and art are two aspects that play a key role when it comes to the profession of being an illustrator or a concept artist. Despite them being from the same world, the set of differences that they bring to the table are unique. These points keep them apart with people opting for either of them based on their mode of interests. So if you’re planning on hitting the world of art with these professions, then you need to know the difference. Hence, keep reading for the same.

1. Who are they?

Illustrator – if you look into ancient history, you will find illustrators who have been successful in creating various kinds of concepts. Over time, their need only rose to prominence and today’s illustrators are busy creating visuals for comic books, children’s literature and even caricatures for different kinds of needs. These creative bunch of individuals tend to discover their talent from a very young age and move forward to pursue the same.

Concept Artists – their line of work usually falls under animation and multimedia. Seeking a client’s requirement and solving the same tends to be their central aspect of criteria. They look at specific details like personality traits of a character and body to be able to bring these thoughts into reality. Be it special effects for games or videos; these individuals are quite busy with work.

2. What are their Qualifications?

Illustrator – the qualifications of an illustrator, tend to revolve around various forms of requirements. Although a bachelor’s degree in this field can help you land a job, your position stands to be more powerful when you opt for a special course. The curiosity to learn and explore is something that will help you a lot in this profession.

Concept Artists – qualifications of a concept artist more or less also revolves around different types of requirements. Most of these individuals complete a bachelor’s degree to get some form of stability and then move on to understand more about the game. Their aspect of interest needs to touch additional courses since it can strengthen the position.

3. Do their fields display signs of Growth?

Illustrator – growth is an essential aspect for an individual’s career, and the job of an Illustrator does not disappoint. A growth rate of 3% is quite visible over the years.

Concept Artists – if one has to compare the rate of Growth, then concept artists would take the lead with a figure stating 6%. Their careers have witnessed a new form of demand, thanks to the concept of digital marketing.